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Lite-ON Storage and Lite-On Power System Solutions

Power Power by Lite-On

Innovative Power Management Solutions for Critical Infrastructure

Lite-On Power System Solutions provides a comprehensive power management and battery backup capability based on multiple building blocks with configuration flexibility to suit specific power, size, and run-time requirements. Experience innovation through our full range of power products and monitoring for current and next generation critical infrastructure implementations.

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Storage Storage by Lite-On

Simplify Your Storage Solutions with Lite-On Solid-State Drives

Lite-On Storage offers a variety of solid-state drives in many different types of form factors to fit the needs of businesses. As one of the top 3 solid-state drive manufacturers worldwide, Lite-On Storage maintains its leadership through 100% design and development, manufacturer, quality aging-tests, and the flexibility of supply chain support. Our drives help deliver the performance and scalability to help drive business growth while reducing your datacenter foot and floor space consumption.

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